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Core Sets

The Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC) core measure sets are parsimonious groups of scientifically sound measures efficiently promoting a patient-centered assessment of quality and prioritizing for adoption in value-based purchasing and Alternate Payment Models (APMs) driving improvement in high-priority areas. The CQMC is a public-private partnership using a consensus-based approach and established measure selection principles for developing and maintaining the core sets.

The CQMC reviews the core measure sets annually to ensure they reflect the best available measures. The workgroups alternate every other year between full and light maintenance review. The CQMC reviews potential new measures to address high-priority areas (full maintenance). Workgroups also review measures in the existing sets and remove measures if necessary (light maintenance). For example, if they no longer have an opportunity for improvement, no longer align with clinical guidelines, or have implementation challenges.

The core sets can be used in their entirety to holistically assess quality or can serve as a starting point when selecting measures to meet specific goals. For more information, contact [email protected].

Core Sets


2024 Proposed Core Set Review Schedule

Core Set Light MaintenanceWorkgroup Meeting Timing
OrthopedicsFebruary 2024
PediatricsApril 2024
ACO/PCMH/Primary CareSeptember 2024
Behavioral Health October 2024
NeurologyNovember 2024


Core Set Full MaintenanceWorkgroup Meeting Timing
HIV/Hep CFebruary 2024
CardiologyJune 2024
GastroenterologyJune 2024
Medical Oncology September 2024
OB/GYNNovember 2024