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About Partnership for Quality Measurement (PQM)


Who We Are

Battelle is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) certified consensus-based entity. Battelle’s PQM uses a consensus-based process involving a variety of experts - clinicians, patients, measure experts, and health information technology specialists - to ensure informed and thoughtful endorsement reviews of qualified measures. PQM’s transparent, streamlined approach to consensus-building can be applied widely in the quality improvement field, including reviews for alternative payment models, clinical decision support, and quality improvement tools.

Our Purpose

Staffed by experts in health care quality improvement, and directed by interested parties across the field of health care, PQM has a vision that the quality measure endorsement process should be reliable, transparent, attainable, equitable, and most of all, meaningful. Our processes are straightforward, streamlined, flexible, and designed to distinguish measures whose benefits to patients, clinicians, and payors outweigh potential burdens and risks to implement and report them.