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CQMC Resources

On this page you will find three types of CQMC resources:

Workgroup Summaries. The CQMC Workgroup summaries contain information on updates to core sets. Summaries may include discussion on new measures for possible addition to the core sets and measures for potential removal. Summaries also include discussion of measurement gaps and adoption successes and challenges.

CQMC Reports. In addition to developing core sets, CQMC Workgroups have also discussed high-priority topic areas related to quality measurement, providing guidance and recommendations for future activities. They include:

Guiding Principles and Documents. The CQMC relies on Workgroups to select measures for the core sets, guide the development and refinement of materials used to update the core sets, and prioritize gaps and areas for future core set development. They include:

The most recent resources show up at the top of the table. Users can search by title or by resource type.

Resource Type Description Meeting/Publication Date
cqmc-medical-oncology-meeting-summary-05122020.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-implementation-06042020.pdf Meeting Summary
CQMC-Cardio-Meeting-Summary-05102019.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-cardio-meeting-summary-05052020.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-bh-summary-06052020.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-bh-summary-06082020.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-aco-meeting-summary-05112020.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-obgyn-meeting-summary-03222021.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-obgyn-meeting-summary-05102021.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-implementation-02242021.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-implementation-05122021.pdf Meeting Summary
CQMC Cardio-Meeting-Summary-06052019.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-cardio-meeting-summary-04052021.pdf Meeting Summary
CQMC-Implementation-Guide-Final.pdf CQMC Report
cqmc-pediatrics-workgroup-meeting-summary-06042021.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-implementation-summary-06162022.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-health-equity-summary-06082022.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-health-equity-summary-06302022.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-gastroenterology-meeting-summary-06022022.pdf Meeting Summary
cqmc-bh-summary-06072021.pdf Meeting Summary
Gastroenterology, HIV/Hepatitis C, and Neurology Workgroups Joint Meeting Meeting Summary
Full Collaborative Meeting 4 Meeting Summary
Pediatrics Workgroup Meeting 1 Meeting Summary
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Workgroup Web Meeting 1 Meeting Summary
Measure Model Alignment Web Meeting 3 Meeting Summary