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Public Comments (Past and Present)

This page provides a platform for you to access and engage with public comment opportunities, whether they are currently open or have been closed. To begin, please choose either the "Documents" or "Measures" tab.

Under the "Documents" tab, you will find items available for public comment such as E&M and PRMR Committee Rosters, Guidebook(s), MSR Materials, and PRMR MUC List Comments and Summaries.

The "Measures" tab, contains measures open for public comment that are part of the Endorsement and Maintenance cycles.

To narrow down your search, you can use the filters provided under each tab. If you wish to view a specific public comment opportunity, simply click on the "Name" in any row. This will direct you to the comment page for that particular item.


Comment Files
Displaying 1 - 10 of 14 comment documents
Name Comment Status Comment Period Sort ascending Area of Interest
2024-Measure-Set-Review-Measures-for-Public-Comment.pdf Available - PRMR-MSR
Committee Engagement Enhancements for Endorsement & Maintenance (E&M) Spring 2024 Cycle Available - E&M
PRMR Final MUC Recommendation Spreadsheet Closed -
PRMR MUC List Commenting -
EM Advanced Illness and PAC Committee Roster Fall23-Spr24 Closed - E&M
EM Cost and Efficiency Committee Roster Fall23-Spr24 Closed - E&M
EM Mgmt Acute and Chronic Events Committee Roster Fall23-Spr24 Closed - E&M
MSR Draft Report Closed - PRMR-MSR
PRMR Clinician Draft Committee Roster 2023 Closed -
PRMR Hospital Draft Committee Roster 2023 Closed -