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Battelle performs endorsement reviews on new and maintenance measures twice a year during spring and fall cycles. Each cycle includes an Intent to Submit period followed by full measure submission. Please review the Endorsement and Maintenance (E&M) Guidebook to learn more about the E&M process. 

Measure developers and stewards can submit measures to Battelle electronically using our online Intent to Submit and Full Measure Submission forms. To submit a measure, please login or create an account. To learn more, please review the Endorsement and Maintenance (E&M) Guidebook and the recent changes made to the E&M process, which take effect starting with the Spring 2024 cycle.

Spring 2024 Timeline

  • Intent to Submit:  April 1 by 11:59pm ET
  • Full Measure Submission:  May 1 by 11:59pm ET
For New Users

1. Complete Contractual Agreements

2. Email Contractual Forms to [email protected]

3. Create a PQM Account. 

  • If you are submitting a measure to Battelle for the first time, please  create an account  to access the measure submission forms. 
  • Complete the required fields and select "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT"  
  • After logging in, click "My Account" in the top right to begin the Measure Submission Process.
Preparing For Submission

Please use the downloadable templates to prepare for the Intent to Submit and full measure submission. When you are ready to submit, login to your PQM account to complete and submit online forms for E&M review. 

Maintenance of Endorsement and Annual Update

Once a measure is endorsed, it will enter a 5-year maintenance cycle, at which time the measure is resubmitted to Battelle for endorsement review. However, prior to the 5-year maintenance review, at three (3) years since the measure’s endorsement, developers/stewards provide a status report indicating whether any changes to the measure specifications are needed. The developer/steward may also submit an attestation if no changes are required.

Additionally, every year, when an endorsed measure is not being re-evaluated for continued endorsement, measure stewards have the option to submit a status report (i.e., annual update) of the measure specifications to Battelle. This report either reaffirms the measure specifications remain the same as those at the time of endorsement or last update, or outlines any changes or updates made to the endorsed measure, including the purpose for the changes.

Please download and complete the Status Report/Annual Update Form. Submit the completed form to [email protected]. Battelle staff review to confirm if any changes indicated require the measure to be submitted for endorsement review before the 5-year maintenance cycle (i.e., early maintenance review). If an early maintenance review is required, Battelle will contact the measure’s point of contact to confirm next steps. For more information, please refer to the Maintenance of Endorsement section of the E&M Guidebook.


PQM Status Report/Annual Update Form