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Comment on Proposed Measures for the 2024 Measure Set Review (MSR) Cycle

Battelle is kicking off the 2024 Measure Set Review (MSR) cycle this week and needs your input! The MSR process is an annual opportunity to consider measures for removal from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality programs. 

Battelle has reviewed and selected 34 measures for potential inclusion in this year’s MSR cycle; the 35th measure will be selected based on public comments. We are interested in your feedback about whether these are the right measures to prioritize for review. Please submit your comments by Friday, May 31, 2024

Battelle is the independent consensus-based entity contracted by CMS to convene interested parties to review measures and make recommendations to CMS. For MSR, we are aiming to evaluate all measures used in CMS quality programs over the course of a 5-year period and prioritize 30-35 measures for MSR cycle annually. To accomplish this, the CMS measures portfolio has been divided into 3 cycles using the Cascade of Meaningful Measures as a guide. For this cycle, we propose focusing on the Affordability and Efficiency healthcare priority, which captures measures addressing the financial and operational aspects of health care delivery. 

Learn more about the MSR process in the Guidebook of Policies and Procedures for Pre-Rulemaking Measure Review (PRMR) and MSR. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Looking Ahead at the MSR Process Timeline

Please use this high-level timeline to plan your participation in the MSR process. 


  • Publish measures for inclusion in the 2024 MSR cycle for public comment
  • Hold 15-day public comment period 


  • Finalize measures for the 2024 MSR cycle based on public comments


  • Publish Battelle’s measure assessments to the PQM website for a 30-day public comment 
  • Share the assessments with MSR committee members for them to rate each measure using their pre-meeting initial evaluation (PIE) form


  • Battelle compiles public comments and PIE ratings to help guide the MSR Recommendation Group meeting


  • MSR committee meets for the Recommendation Group meeting to discuss measures under review and make recommendations about which measures should be retained or removed from the CMS measures portfolio
  • Battelle summarizes the meeting discussion, including all dissenting views, and submits recommendations to CMS