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PQM PRMR 2023 MUC List Hospital Measures Listening Session

Please join us December 15 for the PQM Pre-Rulemaking Measure Review (PRMR) Hospital Measures Listening Session. This is an opportunity to provide feedback on hospital measures included in the 2023 Measures Under Consideration (MUC) List, which outlines measures the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is considering adopting into certain Medicare programs. 


In previous years, public comment opportunities occurred during the recommendation meetings. In order to allow more time and consideration of public comment, we are holding these listening sessions. Public input helps ensure measures CMS implements in its quality programs continue to meet the needs and priorities of those impacted by their use.


If you are unable to attend, the written public comment period will begin on December 1 and go through December 22. All comments will be shared with the PRMR Recommendation Group to help guide discussions during their January measure review meeting.   


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