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Dehydration Admission Rate (PQI 10)

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1.3 Measure Description

Admissions with a principal diagnosis of dehydration per 100,000 population, ages 18 years and older. Excludes obstetric admissions and transfers from other institutions.

[NOTE: The software provides the rate per population. However, common practice reports the measure as per 100,000 population. The user must multiply the rate obtained from the software by 100,000 to report admissions per 100,000 population.]

        • 1.14 Numerator

          Discharges, for patients ages 18 years and older, with either (1) a principal IDC-10-CM diagnosis code for dehydration (ACSDEHD*); or (2) any secondary ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes for dehydration (ACSDEHD*) and a principal ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for hyperosmolality and/or hypernatremia (HYPERID*), or a principal ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for gastroenteritis (ACPGASD*), or a principal ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for acute kidney injury (PHYSIDB*).

        • 1.15 Denominator

          Population ages 18 years and older in metropolitan area or county.

        • Exclusions

          Not applicable

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