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1.4 Project
Endorsement Status
1.1 New or Maintenance
E&M Cycle
Is Under Review
1.3 Measure Description

To ensure that members who are taking statins to treat hyperlipidemia filled sufficient medication to have at least 80% coverage during the measurement year.

        • 1.14 Numerator

          The numerator consists of members in the denominator who filled a sufficient days supply of a statin to provide for at least 80% coverage (Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) >= 80%) during the measurement year. Of note, new users of a statin that started after the first 3 months of the measurement year will be excluded from the calculation.

        • 1.15 Denominator

          Continuously enrolled members ages 19 years or older by the end of the measurement year who had a diagnosis of hyperlipidemia anytime prior to the end of the measurement year, cardiovascular disease or diabetes during the year prior to the measurement year, and filled at least a 60 days supply of statin during the measurement year.

        • Exclusions

          Members who were pregnant or diagnosed with myositis or rhabdomyolysis during the measurement year, members diagnosed with acute renal disease during the measurement year, members diagnosed with liver dysfunction (acute or chronic), alcoholism, or liver transplantation during the measurement year or members who were newly started on statin medication in the 4th through 12th month of the measurement year. Of note, MPR will not be calculated for these individuals, thus they will be dropped from the denominator.
          Note: Index date is defined as the first instance of denominator criteria B

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