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Acute Stroke Mortality Rate (IQI 17)

  • In-hospital deaths per 1,000 hospital discharges with acute stroke as a principal diagnosis for patients ages 18 years and older. Includes metrics for discharges grouped by type of stroke. Excludes obstetric discharges and transfers to another hospital.

    [NOTE: The software provides the rate per hospital discharge. However, common practice reports the measure as per 1,000 discharges. The user must multiply the rate obtained from the software by 1,000 to report in-hospital deaths per 1,000 hospital discharges.]

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Counseling for Women of Childbearing Potential with Epilepsy

  • All female patients of childbearing potential (12–44 years old) diagnosed with epilepsy who were counseled or referred for counseling for how epilepsy and its treatment may affect contraception OR pregnancy at least once a year

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CSTK-01: National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) Score Performed for Ischemic Stroke Patients

  • Proportion of ischemic stroke patients age 18 years or older for whom an initial NIHSS score is performed prior to any acute recanalization therapy (i.e., intra-venous (IV) thrombolytic (t-PA) therapy, or intra-arterial (IA) thrombolytic (t-PA) therapy, or mechanical endovascular reperfusion (MER) therapy) in patients undergoing recanalization therapy and documented in the medical record, or documented within 12 hours of arrival at the hospital emergency department in patients who do not undergo recanalization therapy.

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CSTK-03: Severity Measurement Performed for Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) and Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) Patients (Overall Rate)

  • Proportion of SAH and ICH stroke patients age 18 years or older for whom a severity measurement (i.e., Hunt and Hess Scale for SAH patients or ICH Score for ICH patients) is performed prior to surgical intervention (e.g., clipping, coiling, or any surgical intervention) in patients undergoing surgical intervention and documented in the medical record; OR, documented within 6 hours of arrival at the hospital emergency department in patients who do not undergo surgical intervention.

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CSTK-06: Nimodipine Treatment Administered

  • Proportion of subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) patients age 18 years and older for whom nimodipine treatment was administered within 24 hours of arrival at this hospital.

    This is the sixth measure in a set of measures developed for Joint Commission Comprehensive Stroke Certification. Although it is not required that these measures are reported in conjunction with each other, The Joint Commission develops measures in sets in order to provide as comprehensive a view of quality for a particular clinical topic as possible.

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Diagnostic Imaging: Stenosis Measurement in Carotid Imaging Reports

  • Percentage of final reports for carotid imaging studies (neck magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), neck computerized tomographic angiography (CTA), neck duplex ultrasound, carotid angiogram) performed that include direct or indirect reference to measurements of distal internal carotid diameter as the denominator for stenosis measurement

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