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Behavioral Health

Bipolar antimanic agent

  • This measure identifies the percentage of patients with newly diagnosed bipolar disorder who have received at least 1 prescription for a mood-stabilizing agent during the measurement year.

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Bipolar Disorder: Assessment for diabetes

  • Percentage of patients treated for bipolar disorder who are assessed for diabetes within 16 weeks after initiating treatment with an atypical antipsychotic agent.

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Bipolar Disorder: Level-of-function evaluation

  • Percentage of patients treated for bipolar disorder with evidence of level-of-function evaluation at the time of the initial assessment and again within 12 weeks of initiating treatment

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Child and Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder: Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Percentage of patients aged 6 through 17 years with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder with documented evidence that they met the DSM-IV criteria [at least 5 elements with symptom duration of two weeks or longer, including 1) depressed mood (can be irritable mood in children and adolescents) or 2) loss of interest or pleasure] during the visit in which the new diagnosis or recurrent episode was identified

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Depression Assessment Conducted

  • Percent of patients who were screened for depression (using a standardized depression screening tool) at start or resumption of home health care

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