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Public Comment is now open for 2023 Measures Under Consideration

The 2023 Measures Under Consideration (MUC) List and an Overview of the 2023 MUC List are now available. The MUC List outlines measures the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is considering adopting into certain Medicare programs. We encourage the public to review the MUC List and comment on measures during the public comment period, December 1 – 22. Register to make live public comments during our upcoming Listening Sessions on December 14, December 15, and December 18.  


2023 MUC List Highlights  

  • The list features 42 unique measures, including 18 new measures not currently used in CMS programs. 
  • Ninety-five percent of the measures on the list use digital data sources, advancing the CMS National Quality Strategy goal of prioritizing the development of interoperable and digital quality measures.  
  • There are 18 outcome measures (including intermediate and Patient-Reported Outcome Performance Measures), 12 process measures, 4 structure measures, and 8 cost/resource use measures.   

Public Comment Opportunities  

There are two ways to provide comments on 2023 MUC List measures.  

  1. Submit written comments through the PQM website from December 1 – 22.  
  2. Make live comments or ask CMS a question about a MUC List measure during the December Listening Sessions. Please indicate which measure you would like to comment on in your registration form.   

All comments will be shared with CMS, the Pre-Rulemaking Measure Review (PRMR) advisory groups, and the PRMR recommendation groups. Public comments will help guide PRMR measure review meetings in January. The public is welcome to observe the virtual recommendation group meetings, but the meetings will be closed for public comments.