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Avoidance of Antibiotic Treatment in Adults With Acute Bronchitis (AAB)

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Measure Description

The percentage of episodes for members ages 3 months and older with a diagnosis of acute bronchitis/bronchiolitis that did not result in an antibiotic dispensing event.

  • Measure Type
    Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM)
    Level Of Analysis

    The number of dispensed antibiotic medications following an episode of acute bronchitis/bronchiolitis. The measure is reported as an inverted rate (i.e., 1 – numerator/denominator) to reflect the proportion of episodes during which an antibiotic was not dispensed (a higher rate is better).


    Episodes for members age 3 months and older with a diagnosis of acute bronchitis or bronchiolitis during the intake period.


    As listed in the denominator details, the final denominator population does not include episodes with a history of select comorbid conditions, history of antibiotic use, or presence of a competing diagnosis

    Testing Data Sources
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    Endorsed Primary Care and Chronic Illness Fall Cycle 2020
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