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Asthma Admission Rate (PDI 14)

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1.3 Measure Description

Admissions with a principal diagnosis of asthma per 100,000 population, ages 2 through 17 years. Excludes cases with a diagnosis code for cystic fibrosis and anomalies of the respiratory system, obstetric admissions, and transfers from other institutions.

[NOTE: The software provides the rate per population. However, common practice reports the measure as per 100,000 population. The user must multiply the rate obtained from the software by 100,000 to report admissions per 100,000 population.]

        • 1.14 Numerator

          Discharges, for patients ages 2 through 17 years, with a principal ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for asthma.

        • 1.15 Denominator

          Population ages 2 through 17 years in metropolitan area1 or county. Discharges in the numerator are assigned to the denominator based on the metropolitan area or county of the patient residence, not the metropolitan area or county of the hospital where the discharge occurred.

          1. The term “metropolitan area” (MA) was adopted by the U.S. Census in 1990 and referred collectively to metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), and primary metropolitan statistical areas (PMSAs). In addition, “area” could refer to either 1) FIPS county, 2) modified FIPS county, 3) 1999 OMB Metropolitan Statistical Area, or 4) 2003 OMB Metropolitan Statistical Area. Micropolitan Statistical Areas are not used in the QI software.

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