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Adult Current Smoking Prevalence

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Measure Description

Percentage of adult (age 18 and older) U.S. population that currently smoke.

  • Measure Type
    Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM)

    The numerator is current adult smokers (age 18 and older) in the U.S. who live in households.


    The adult (age 18 and older) population of the U.S. who live in households. One adult per household is interviewed.


    Adults 18 years or older are asked to take part in the survey and only one adult is interviewed per household. Adults living in vacation homes not occupied by household members for more than 30 days per year, group homes, institutions, prisons, hospitals and college dorms are excluded. Military services members and adults who speak a language other than English and Spanish are also excluded.

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    Measure Retired and Endorsement Removed Prevention and Population Health Fall Cycle 2017
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