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Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement

Asthma assessment

  • Percentage of patients who were evaluated during at least one office visit for the frequency (numeric) of daytime and nocturnal asthma symptoms

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Child and Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder: Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Percentage of patients aged 6 through 17 years with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder with documented evidence that they met the DSM-IV criteria [at least 5 elements with symptom duration of two weeks or longer, including 1) depressed mood (can be irritable mood in children and adolescents) or 2) loss of interest or pleasure] during the visit in which the new diagnosis or recurrent episode was identified

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Chronic Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Symptom and Activity Assessment

  • Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older with a diagnosis of coronary artery disease seen within a 12 month period for whom there is documented results of an evaluation of level of activity AND an evaluation of presence or absence of anginal symptoms in the medical record

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