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Experience of Care and Health Outcomes (ECHO) Survey

  • The ECHO is a survey that includes 5 multiple item measures and 12 single item measures:

    Multiple Item Measures:

    Getting treatment quickly
    -Get treatment as soon as wanted when it was needed right away
    -Get appointments as soon as wanted
    -Get professional help by telephone
    How well clinicians communicate
    -Clinicians listen carefully
    -Clinicians explain things in an understandable way
    -Clinicians show respect
    -Clinicians spend enough time
    -Feel safe with clinicians
    -Patient involved as much as wanted in treatment
    Perceived improvement

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Pediatric Asthma Emergency Department Use

  • This measure estimates the rate of emergency department visits for children ages 3 – 21 who are being managed for identifiable asthma, using specified definitions. The measure is reported in visits per 100 child-years.

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