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Young Adult Health Care Survey (YAHCS)

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The Young Adult Health Care Survey (YAHCS) is a survey of adolescents 14-18 years of age that assesses how well the health care system provides adolescents with recommended preventive care. The YAHCS assesses the provision of private and confidential care, experience of care, helpfulness of care provided, and the following aspects of preventive care:

• Preventive screening and counseling on risky behaviors.
• Preventive screening and counseling on sexual activity and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
• Preventive screening and counseling on weight, healthy diet, and exercise.
• Preventive screening and counseling on emotional health and relationship issues.
• Private and confidential care.
• Helpfulness of counseling.
• Communication and experience of care.
• Health information.

The YAHCS has been used to assess health care quality at the national, State, geographic, county, and health plan levels. English and Spanish versions of the YAHCS are available free of charge on CAHMI´s web site (, and additional information is available at the Child Healthcare Quality Toolbox:

Please contact CAHMI staff at [email protected] for more information.

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