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Instrument-Based Data

3-Item Care Transition Measure (CTM-3)

  • The CTM-3 is a hospital level measure of performance that reports the average patient reported quality of preparation for self-care response among adult patients discharged from general acute care hospitals within the past 30 days.

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Ambulatory Palliative Care Patients’ Experience of Feeling Heard and Understood

  • This is a multi-item measure consisting of 4 items: Q1: “I felt heard and understood by this provider and team”, Q2: “I felt this provider and team put my best interests first when making recommendations about my care”, Q3: “I felt this provider and team saw me as a person, not just someone with a medical problem”, Q4: “I felt this provider and team understood what is important to me in my life.”

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Assessment of Health-related Quality of Life in Dialysis Patients

  • Percentage of eligible dialysis patients who complete a health-related quality of life assessment with or without assistance using the KDQOL-36 (36-question survey that assesses patients´ functioning and well-being) at least once during a calendar year.

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Atherosclerotic Disease - Lipid Panel Monitoring

  • The percentage of patients aged 12 years and older with coronary artery disease, or 18 years and older with cerebrovascular disease or peripheral vascular disease that have been screened for dyslipidemia with a lipid profile

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Average change in functional status following lumbar spine fusion surgery

  • For patients age 18 and older undergoing lumbar spine fusion surgery, the average change from pre-operative functional status to one year (nine to fifteen months) post-operative functional status using the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI version 2.1a) patient reported outcome tool.

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