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Acute Otitis Externa: Topical Therapy

Endorsement Status
1.1 New or Maintenance
E&M Cycle
Is Under Review
1.3 Measure Description

Percentage of patients aged 2 years and older with a diagnosis of AOE who were prescribed topical preparations.

        • 1.14 Numerator

          Patients who were prescribed topical preparations.

        • 1.15 Denominator

          All patients aged 2 years and older with a diagnosis of AOE

        • Exclusions

          Measure Exceptions: Documentation of medical reason(s) for not prescribing topical preparations (eg, coexisting acute otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation). Documentation of patient reason(s) for not prescribing topical preparations.

        • Most Recent Endorsement Activity
          Endorsed EENT Endorsement Maintenance Project 2014
          Initial Endorsement
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