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Follow-up After Emergency Department Visits for Asthma

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Measure Description

This process measure seeks to capture follow up after asthma-related emergency department (ED) visits for children with asthma after discharge from the ED, as recommended by the NHLBI 2007 guidelines. This measure assesses the percentage of asthma-related ED visits for children ages 3-21 with a follow-up visit with a primary care clinician or an asthma subspecialist within 14 days of discharge from the ED, within the reporting year, for patients who are enrolled in the health plan for two consecutive months following the ED visit. 

  • Measure Type
    Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM)
    Level Of Analysis
    Care Setting

    The numerator assesses whether there was a follow-up visit within 14 days to a primary care or asthma-specific subspecialty provider.


    Children 3-21 years of age with an asthma-related ED visit (primary or second diagnosis (in the second diagnostic spot) of asthma) during the measurement year, with at least 2 months of insurance enrollment after the ED visit. 



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    Endorsed Primary Care and Chronic Illness Spring 2022
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    Primary Care and Chronic Illness Spring 2026
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