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NCQA Supplemental items for CAHPS® 4.0 Adult Questionnaire (CAHPS 4.0H)

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Measure Description

This supplemental set of items was developed jointly by NCQA and the AHRQ-sponsored CAHPS Consortium and is intended for use with the CAHPS 4.0 Health Plan survey. Some items are intended for Commercial health plan members only and are not included here. This measure provides information on the experiences of Medicaid health plan members with the organization. Results summarize member experiences through composites and question summary rates.

In addition to the 4 core composites from the CAHPS 4.0 Health Plan survey and two composites for commercial populations only, the HEDIS supplemental set includes one composite score and two item-specific summary rates.
1. Shared Decision Making Composite
1. Health Promotion and Education item
2. Coordination of Care item

  • Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM)

    Shared Decision Making Composite (Percentage of members who reported “Definitely Yes”)
    o Q10: In the last 6 months, did a doctor or other health provider talk with you about the pros and cons of each choice for your treatment or health care?
    o Q11: In the last 6months, when there was more than one choice for your treatment or health care, did a doctor or other health provider ask which choice you thought was best for you?

    Health Promotion and Education (Percentage of members who reported “Always”):
    o Q8: In the last 6 months, how often did you and a doctor or other health provider talk about specific things you could do to prevent illness?

    Coordination of care (Percentage of members who reported “Always”)
    o Q20: In the last 6 months, how often did your personal doctor seem informed and up-to-date about the care you got from these doctors or other health providers?

    HEDIS 2011 Volume 3: Specifications for Survey Measures. NCQA 2011.
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). 2010. CAHPS Health plan Survey and Reporting Kits 2008.


    Members 18 years and older as of December 31 of the measurement year.
    • Medicaid: Members must be enrolled the last six months of the measurement year, and be currently enrolled at the time the survey is completed.



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